Sunday, June 7, 2009

Laughter, Good for the Soul

One really fun part of being a parent is getting to laugh at your kids. I mean, let's be honest, while we are often embarrassed by the loud outbursts and proclamations, it makes a great story and it is fun to be able to laugh about it later on. So, while I have had a hard time posting any pictures lately because I am getting a new photo editing program tomorrow (SO EXCITED!!) and all of my pics will look better/more like I want them to after that, I just couldn't wait to share these pictures with you (maybe I will repost these after I "fix" them:).

Oh, little Berlin. My kids are good for my soul. These pictures just make me laugh out loud (every time I look at them!!)...I hope they do the same for you! This is called Blowing Dandelions.

P.S. LOTS more pics to follow in the next few days of the Princess Birthday Party that we had on Saturday, but I really am going to wait for the photo program before posting any more you'll just have to wait. Between my brother and I, we got some really great shots of the party, I am excited to share them. Later though.


amy + ryan said...

aahahaaa... great sequence! love that girl.

Kayla said...

Ha! I had to laugh! She is too funny and cute!!!

Kristy said...

oh funny :) she's so precious

Quadruple Life said...

Oh man—fabulous! What a butter-bean.
Caleb just puckers up and releases this fantastic spit wad. Me thinks the art of blowing a dandelion must come with age. :)

Anonymous said...

Berlin is such a cutie little girl now! Kelsey often talks about the girls. So fun to read about them and the super things you and Steve do with them!!