Sunday, July 12, 2009

Colors and Funny Faces

I discovered something new about Tryn this weekend, something that I didn't know before. She has a favorite color. On Friday night after I got home from work Tryn and I laid on our backs on the front porch to look at the clouds. We talked about how when mommy and daddy buy a house that mommy wants to paint the outside of the house red, kind of like the house across the street (or the really cute house for sale that I had looked at earlier that day:).

I asked Tryn, "What color do you want to color your room in the new house? If you could pick any color at all, pink, green, yellow, blue, orange, purple?" I was sure she would pick pink or purple, classic princess colors.

"I want blue," was her answer.

"Really? Blue?" I wanted to be sure she knew what we were talking about. "Out of all the colors you would pick blue."

"Yes, I want to color my room blue."

Hm. On Sunday morning, while I was volunteering in her Sunday School room (as any proper pastor's wife would do, of course), I was again surprised by her choice during craft time.

"Here, Tryn, do you want to use pink or purple paper?"

"No, no, I want the blue one!"

I guess that it makes sense that out of all of the pink, purple, and red construction paper crowns I cut for the girls who came to Tryn's birthday party that Tryn's crown ended up being blue.

I never would have guessed.

A conversation that I had with Tryn yesterday:

"Mom, who is your favorite?"

Shoot, I thought it was going to be awhile before I had to explain that I could have two favorite girls and that I loved her and Berlin equally. "Well, Tryn, you are my favorite girl and Berlin is my favorite girl too!"

"No, no, no, Mom. No, who is your favorite princess?"

Oh, right.

Tryn is hilariously obsessed with making funny faces lately. She will come up and say, "Hey! Look at me!" and then, with the most deadpan expression on her face, she will stick her tongue out. Or bug her eyes out so they look even bigger - if that is possible. Here are some of her funny faces.

And Berlin, not wanting to miss out on the photo opportunity said, "Me! Me! Me!" which she does whenever she wants you to look at her or pay attention to her too. This is her funny face.

And, yes, she ran around like this most of the afternoon on Sunday because she loves to be nakie. I mean, who doesn't, right? ;)


omabear said...

Extremely good photos of the girls, very cute :) How wonderful and interesting life can be with little ones :) :) :) :) :)

Kayla said...

I love the pictures of the girls! I would have never thought Tryn's favorite color would be blue either!

amy + ryan said...

ahahahaa! those pictures are so fantastic, heidi! can't wait to see those cute girlies again.

Kristy said...

haha never would've guessed she'd pick blue, but then again, blue does look amazing on her with that blond hair and blue eyes. :) Maybe she knows that :)

Love the funny faces :)

Tia said...

Love the pictures of the girlies...they are too cute!! I would have thought her favorite color would be pink or purple, but then again Brendyn seems to always pick out pink his crown! :) But he did want his room painted blue though! :)

jewlie said...

Absolutely beautiful blog! I stumbled upon it looking at your Mother-in-law's bookmarks on her computer. (I'm izzy's daughter) - I would love to meet you and steven and the babes someday.