Monday, July 20, 2009


Am I still alive? Hang on, let me check my pulse…barely.

What a busy past week! Between work, a monthly dinner with a group of friends, dinner with the pastor and his wife and some board members from CPC, softball games, hanging with uncle Tim and uncle Jordan (two of Steve’s brother’s who were in town for the week) and their friend Amy, and editing pictures in all my spare time, the week was packed. The weekend was just as busy.

On Saturday, after making breakfast, cleaning the house, and picking up the babysitter, I proceeded to work an additional nine hours by being a second shooter for a wedding. My friend and co-worker Alissa had asked me to help her out with this wedding and I am so excited to show you the pictures. The church was so beautiful. The building was 100 years old and there were huge stained glass windows and amazing wood work, so pretty.

On Sunday the girls and I met up with my brother and his family at Ikea. We shopped for awhile and then went to Como Zoo. I don’t know if I have ever been to Como on the weekend, but I am not likely to go on the weekend again anytime soon. We actually had to be shuttled to the zoo from a parking lot a few miles away, crazy. This also created a much bigger commitment as it was not a quick little walk to get back to the car. Berlin, thankfully, fell asleep in the stroller for about an hour and Tryn just skipped her nap.

This, unfortunately, lead to a full on temper tantrum when we had to go to the grocery store after getting back from the zoo. Tryn had been playing really nicely and pretending to be Belle, but when I wouldn’t let her take her book into the grocery store she started crying. This led to walking across the parking lot with her screaming at the top of her lungs and stomping her feet as hard as she could onto the pavement. Lovely. After taking a few seconds to very calmly remind myself that this was not actually her fault, but my fault for skipping her nap, I told her that her behavior was very unacceptable. Then, instead of getting mad that she was still freaking out, I gave her a really big hug. I felt like an absolutely terrible mother when she laid her head on my shoulder and heaved a huge sigh. Apparently, it had been a long week for everyone. Probably should have stayed home instead of going to the grocery store. Oh well, we all survived.

Stay tuned for pictures of the zoo and the wedding!


The Stephens said...

Oh, my favorite part is when you just gave her a hug! I will remember that for a very long time!

Kayla said...

Oh Sweet! Sometimes babies/kids just need a hug:) It sounds like a fun weekend, even though it was busy!

amy + ryan said...

Oh, I love that you hugged her - way to have perspective. Poor kid. But it sounds like you had a fun-filled weekend, too! Hopefully this week is more relaxed...