Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Whole Week?

Well, I didn't really think it was going to be a whole entire week after our trip to the Como Zoo that I would finally get pictures posted. I would have seemed so much cooler if I wouldn't have told you that I went last week and just posted the pictures like we went today or something. Then I would have seemed like an organized, on top of it, non-busy mother who is like super woman. Alas, that is definitely not me, as you find out while I am posting these pics 7 days past the event...At least I am still getting it done, right?


Some pictures from our little trip to Como. Oh, did I already say this? Don't ever go to Como Zoo on the weekend during the summer. You will have to be shuttled in from the State Fair grounds and your kids will have to skip their afternoon naps and they will be on a crabby sugar high after you give them ice cream so they don't freak out in the zoo.

Anyway. I didn't even have time to edit these pics. *sigh* I just promised, so here they are :)

And, unfortunately, the only pictures I got of Tryn were of her when she was really crabby sitting in the stroller, so here are some pictures of Berlin at the zoo...although Tryn was there too.

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