Friday, July 17, 2009

Sugar and Spice

What I love about having little girls:
• No matter how many times my little girls have seen me in the same dress or skirt, that particular item of clothing is always still, “So beautiful!” I will get endless amounts of, “Mom, I really like your dress,” or “Your skirt is so beautiful!”
• Painting toenails becomes something fun and exciting to do, instead of that chore that I never have time for.
• My everyday flip flops can become glass slippers.
• Every day I get to hear things like, “I like your pretty earrings. I like your beads (i.e. necklace).” All of my accessories become just a little more fun.
• I still get to spend time pretending I am a princess.
• I get to see my husband’s heart melt in a way that neither of us can really comprehend.
• Pretty things are so much prettier, and there is never a lack of the enjoyment of pretty things...sugar and spice and everything nice. Totally true.

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I was holding Tryn in my arms as I stared into my closet waiting for inspiration. Suddenly, I felt a little finger gently graze my eyelid.

“What is this?” Tryn asked as she looked at her finger.

“That’s eye shadow, sweetie.”

Her little finger reached back up and swiped my eyelid again. She contemplated her shimmery fingertip for a moment, and then, with a shy little grin stretching across her face, she reached up and transferred the color to her own eyelid. “How do I look?”

"Like a princess." I told her.

“No, Mom, I look like you!”


Quadruple Life said...

Wow. Beautiful.
I am tearing up right now. Really.
Maybe it's because the only words I've heard out the only child in my house who can talk today is:
MOM I WANT: (xyz) NOW! and NOOOOOOOO!!!!
I Think boys are different than girls.
Can't wait till Ella can tell me I'm pretty, cuz right now I feel rather wilted.

Anonymous said...

so precious! You are an amazing mom!

Anonymous said...

To Quadruple Life: You are more" Beauty-full" than you realize. Wilted! Never. Just look with the Heart.

Kristy said...

being like mommy is better than being a princess :)