Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Days of Being Two

Tryn is a busy girl and she loves to constantly be doing something. One of the things that I just adore about Tryn is how she gets extremely excited about small things. If I ask her if she wants to help me cook you would think I just asked her if she wants $100. I have mentioned before that Tryn LOVES to cook, this is not an exaggeration. Sometimes we give her a couple of bowls with flower, sugar, and water, occasionally food coloring, and she will "cook" at the table for a really long time.

She is also brave enough to taste her creations. Something I never wanted to do as a kid.

Tryn loves to color, especially if it involves princessessess (as Tryn says). We got her these laminated type princess pictures for Christmas that you can color with a marker and the color wipes off. I think this has saved a great many trees as Tryn has not quite perfected the art of serious coloring and can finish a page in about a minute.

She recently learned how to put puzzles together, which she found quite fascinating. I might actually need to get a few of these now.

And she also LOVES helping us do anything. She loves helping daddy shovel, helping me do the laundry, setting the table, throwing things away, sweeping...anything you can think of that a little girl could help you do, she wants to do it.

Two of her other all time favorite activities are reading books, we could read about 100 books a day if Tryn got her way, and watching princess movies.

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Amy said...

I have been really wanting a baby girl and your making it worse/better anyway, I love the window! Thanks, Amy