Friday, March 13, 2009

Excerpt from: A Night in the Life of Parents

Last night, as I grabbed my pj’s in the process of getting ready for bed, some fishy crackers (Goldfish crackers) fell from the folds of my tank top. One might wonder how they got there…I have no idea. I fall into bed at midnight (after staying up far too late watching Lost, because Steve and I have decided not to watch tv while the girls are awake) and feel something small and hard beneath my stomach. I pull out a huge plastic princess earring. I toss it on the floor and roll over. Steve pulls back the covers to his side of the bed and finds Sophie, Cinderella, and the other princess earring.

“I don’t want to sleep with Sophie and Cinderella,” he mumbles, as adds them to the multitude of other toys on our floor and falls into bed. I am assuming that Sophie and Cinderella were in our bed under the covers because their mommy (Trynica) put them there for their nye-night a few hours previous, I am not really sure.

---------------------(Pic: Tryn and her bff, Sophie)----------------------


trish and chris said...

ever so cute!!

Stephanie said...

The story of my life.

Amy said...

I keep my room door locked, I know, sue me but I just like one place free of toy guns, fake bugs ... need I say more? You can just be glad you have girls.

amy + ryan said...

aaahahaa... this made me laugh out loud. oh, boy do i know what you mean - and paisley can't even put things places herself yet. the other night we pulled back the covers to find two tiny hot pink socks and ryan said, "AWWWW... don't move them!" the set of plastic keys? we did move them. :)