Monday, March 30, 2009


Thanks for all your comments on my last post. I definitely have some good ideas to try now, I was feeling rather stuck. I am definitely going to try Jessica's suggestion of the smoothie with spinach in it. I don't think it is the "green" that they necessarily mind, but it's the small chunks of colorful non-sweet things that make them cringe. They both love smoothies though, so I am definitely going to try that. I am also going to get myself a copy of that cookbook. Yes, I don't necessarily agree with forcing my kids to eat things, there are things that I had to eat when I was little that I STILL don't like. However, it is more about not wanting my kids main source of vitamins to be in the gummy princess-shaped form.

Stay tuned for future updates on how it goes.


I have to share a few recent pictures. I took two days off from work last week, just to hang out with my family. It was great. So, we took some pictures while I was "less busy" (as if that is ever true for a mother!)

Steve and Berlin, both looking especially cute.

Steve looking especially hot cute here and Tryn looks...caught off guard :)

Um, don't ask what we are doing here. Really not sure. They still look cute though :)

Okay, Berlin's true self, as can only be caught on film. She looks a little crazy, doesn't she?!


The Stephens said...

They are doing Yoga--downward facing dog, in fact:)!

Amy said...

Wow, your girls are so beautiful!