Monday, March 23, 2009

So Grown Up

(Sorry about the quality of the photos, they were taken via IPhone)

The other night Steve and I took the girls to the park at MOA. Tryn passionately loves this park and the rides that are involved. We don't bring her very often because it is exhausting. Exhausting to go on all the rides with her, to help her try to manage the realm of her hyped up and excited emotions without melting down, to convince her that it is time to go when we have had enough. This time was pretty much the same except one major difference. Tryn is 36 inches tall. I didn't really realize that she was getting taller until she looked at the sign, not up to it. 36 inches. This means that she is allowed to go on some of the rides by herself.

Steve was really excited when he realized this and picked the first thing we walked by, a dropping tower type ride. Tryn watched as the ride conductor had to stop the ride so that she could let a girl twice Tryn's age get off before it was over, because she was hugging the lap bar with all her might and begging to get off. I thought, "That is totally going to be Tryn, she is too small for ride like this." But, since we had suggested a ride by herself, Tryn was determined to be a big girl. Well, as Tryn climbed onto the ride with kids almost twice her size and it rose almost two stories in the air, I braced myself for hysterics. Only, Tryn wasn't the one who cried. In fact, she started giggling...a lot. As she laughed with glee I was the one who burst into tears. She is a big girl. She is definitely not my baby anymore and the first day of kindergarten is going to suck.

Another indication that we now have a big girl on our hands happened during lunch today. After church we took the girls out to lunch with our friend Rollie. I showed Tryn the children's menu and explained the options that I would allow her to have and let her pick what she wanted.

"I want this one," she said, pointing to a corn dog.

I was hoping that whatever she picked it would be something that Berlin could eat some of too, so I said, "How about this pizza?"

"No, Mom, I want this hot dog." Well, I had let her pick, so I decided to really just let her pick. Since I can't remember if she has actually ever had a corn dog, I am sure she doesn't even really know what they are, but she was really determined to have it so I said fine.

The waitress was back within a few minutes to take our order. Steve ordered first, a burger with some fixings. Then it was my turn, a turkey sandwich with some dip on the side. Then, as if on cue and before the waitress could even ask what I wanted to order her, Tryn pipped up, "Um, um, I want this one lady."

I am still laughing about it now! Ha!! The waitress, whose name we learned on the spot, was sweet enough to let Tryn place her own order, though we tried again with a "please" and "thank you" in place of "lady". Oh, kids.


trish and chris said...

k. cute pic of tryn eating that dog, ha! and she IS tiny compared to the other kids on that ride, oh man. what a big (i mean, LITTLE) girl.

Sara said...

Awesome. I totally laughed out loud. Can I please be friends with your daughter? :-)
(And the pics are fabulous!)

Kristy said...

oh cute! It looks like she is having a blast on that ride :) I love the lunch story, made me laugh :)

amy + ryan said...

oh, i'm so glad you captured those cute pictures, even if they are iphone quality. the one of her will all the other BIG kids is fantastic. what a cutie-pie.

Amy said...

Loved it, what a cutie!! Do you think you would be up to going to the zoo with Sandy and I this Spring? 3rd weekend in April I think...? Maybe. Weekend after Easter I think. Let me know.

The Scottish Wisdom said...

Sometimes you just need a corn dog.