Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Puerto Vallarta or Paris?

Seriously. Okay, really short pre-story for those of you who don’t know: Basically Steve’s mom works for an airline and gave us flights for Christmas. She gets so many free flight passes per year and gave two of them to us for a vacation. We can fly pretty much where ever we want that is a direct flight (through her airline) from Minneapolis or Salt Lake City.

SO. Since it was cold and wintery we thought it would be great to go to a nice warm beach. A nice-relaxing-sleeping-in-late-and-doing-not-much-during-the-day vacation. This sounded fabulous to Steve and I since we are both permanently tired, just need some good down time, have not been on vacation alone together in FOUR (or wait, has it been FIVE? Yikes! I think it has been five.) years, and want to sleep in every day while we are gone.

However, we were originally going to go on this vacation in January when it was freezing cold all over the world except in Mexico. And, when we first found out about the tickets we immediately thought, “Let’s go to Europe!” Only, it’s cold in Paris in January. Well, we are now going on vacation the week after Easter. That is in April. This is different.

I LOVE Europe. I would love to live in Europe someday. After all, I did take a Facebook quiz called “Where should I live?” and it told me Italy, which I already knew because I am in love with Italy. How many times have I been there? Zero, but I am still in love. We can’t fly to Italy this time though because the only direct flights options are Paris, Barcelona, or Amsterdam. I have heard that Paris is lovely in the spring time.

Ugh! My dilemma is that I have been planning a warm beachy vacation for 4 months now and I am really excited about that vacation. I am excited about Puerto Vallarta and warm sandy beaches and swimming in the ocean. But I love Europe. I mean, I LOVE Europe. I just know that Europe would not be quite as relaxing. Ah! Help me!! Where do you think we should go? Steve wants to do whatever; he just wants to get out of here. At this point I need some good convincing arguments either way…anybody have any thoughts? Anyone?


trish and chris said...

sounds to me like you'd rather go to Europe!!!

Sara said...

Ah ha! This is why you need advice. :-)
I totally see your dilemma! Uffda.
Maybe it's just me, because I'm not a beach person, but I do think that a trip to Europe is the chance of a lifetime. And if there's a song about 'April in Paris', there must be something to it, right? I would typically recommend France over Mexico anyday... especially if it's paid for. :-)
However, since it is a trip of a lifetime, it's something you want to do right. According to my schedule, Steve is on for leading on Easter Sunday as well as the following Sat/Sun, allowing travel to take place Mon-Fri only, correct? You'll just be getting used to the time difference by the time you get home- not even enough time to really settle and enjoy it!
So, actually, my thought is for you to take advantage of some beach relaxation when you need it and save Europe for another day. Besides you still have to pay for lodging and other expenses, right? The beach is much cheaper than Paris, I'm sure.
So, there is my advice, take it for what it is worth. :-)

Quadruple Life said...

I echo Sara . . .

From one who has been to that side of Europe (though not Paris, alas) you need AT LEAST 7-10 days to really arrive, appreciate, and relax before returning.

Though I am not a huge beach person . . . I personally would snatch up the down time, and I can imagine you and Steve need that pretty badly as well. Europe will be a part of your story—definitely . . . but you might just need to wait a little. . .

I vote for sleeping in and libations on the beach! :)

Heidi said...

Thanks Sara (and Beth), although, Steve does have that following weekend off. So he is off Monday through Sunday...does that make a difference??

GarviNation said...

Puerto Vallarta. Done.

Kristy said...

Oh, tough decision. I think you got pretty good advice here from Sara and Beth, I would have to agree with them! However, the only thing I would say different is if you don't think the opportunity to go to Europe will come again or for a really long time, then you should go while you can if that is what you'd rather do- and it sounds like you rather would. Plus it's free! Holy crap!
I think regardless where you go you'll still feel refreshed when you come back. So yes, Europe would be more stressful than the beach, but its still a vacation and its still getting away. But I love the beach, and I love Europe- so I think either pick will be a great one. Go with your first instinct when you think about which one to choose. That's my two cents.

amy + ryan said...

here's another thing to consider: which would you enjoy more without your kiddos? sara makes a good point about the time difference - i hadn't thought of that. but... oh, i don't know. i think i'm just more of a europe person than a mexico person (although, to be honest, i've only been to europe, never to mexico!) either way, i'm excited to see the great pictures you'll take and to hear how much fun you had!

Sara said...

Tricky, tricky!
I wondered if Steve did take that second weekend off, but he is on my schedule, so I didn't know. :-) Those extra two days might make a difference, sure... maybe it all comes down to how you get it all planned out. I like what Kristy said about going to Europe still being away and refreshing- that could be very true!
But I still think if you're looking for relaxation and simply some time away together, take the less stressful option-- to me, planning a trip across the ocean (at least 8 hours of flying one way) and making sure you don't miss out on the culture there causes a bit of a headache. :-)
Either way, I do know you will have a fabulous time, and I know you will come home refreshed, with fabulous memories and photos!!!

Heidi said...

Thanks for the advice everyone!! Good points for both locations. I am more of a Europe person too, totally. It is just the relaxing factor right now...I will let you know what we decide :)