Thursday, March 5, 2009


Haha. I think I have mentioned before that we have dance parties all the time. Literally, every day, sometimes several times a day. Tryn asks for specific songs, mainly her princess songs (which are Disney theme songs from different princess movies) and lately has been asking for M.I.A. She doesn't know the names to the other songs that she likes, but we can turn on certian songs and get her, "Oh, I like this song!" approval or her, "I don't like this song," dismissal. She is very consistent with her likes and dislikes too.

Anyway, we conduct dance parties by hooking up our laptop to a set of speakers and opening up Itunes. Last night, as Tryn crawled up on the chair near the desk where we usually set the computer, the the battery died on the computer and the music went silent. Tryn understanding that we need to plug the chord into the compter to get it to work again, dramatically, turns to Steve and asks, "Dad! Can we put the quardeder in there?"

"The what, babe?"

"The quarter!"

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