Sunday, March 15, 2009

In Other News

First, Berlin has started drinking real big girl milk!! Yay! For those of you who don't know, I was worried about Berlin actually being able to eat any dairy products at all. Among other things, she seemed really sensitive to dairy, even broken down via breastmilk, the first several months of her life. Even the first couple of times I gave her cheese about 2 months ago, she didn't have the best reaction (lots of crying and gas). So, I am very please to announce, there have been no adverse reactions to plain old regular whole milk. Yay! It seems she has outgrown her sensitivity.

Secondly, we recently had some visitors. A good friend of mine, Aleisha, recently became a mother to a beautiful baby girl. Cece has the most amazingly soft hair and really long arms. Aleisha's brother Rollie is under the impression that the width of your arms exactly equals your height in inches, so we tried it on Cece. Her arms are actually one inch longer. Mine and Aleisha's are shorter, Rollie's and Cait's are the same as their height. I don't know if that means anything about anything, but aren't you glad you know now!

Grandpa and Grandma recently stopped by for a quick visit on their way to the airport. I just thought this was a cute picture, so I wanted to add it to my news :)

And lastly, I am the mother of a kid. I mean, I am the mother of two children, but up until now they have both fit into the category of "baby". I still have one baby, but my other daughter is now a kid, she no longer fits into the baby or even toddler category. I do not feel old enough to be the mother of a kid. At all. I was fine with having "babies", not so sure about this whole kid thing. Also, if she continues to be this beautiful, Steve is never going to let her out of the house. Probably not even to go to kindergarten, much less high school or on a first date.


Stephanie said...

Such sweet pictures.

I'm glad she's able to drink regular milk! We were worried about Summer drinking milk as well. When she was a baby we had to switch to soy formula. She's been fine drinking regular milk, though, too.

Amy said...

Wow, she is beautiful! Those blue eyes are killer!

trish and chris said...

i must say, yes, you're in trouble with that kid of yours. she's a beauty.